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Tango Oblivion was founded in 2000 by Ruth Zimmermann with the goal of teaching tango in the dance hungry town of Totnes in South Devon, England. Twelve years on, she has found Frank Rozelaar Green, partner in life as well as for teaching and organising events together. They now divide their time between Totnes and Cardiff, so check out both venues for classes and other events!

"It all began 13 years ago, with a dream of dancing the Tango. In this dream I experienced an ecstatic feeling of absolute surrender while at the same time touching into the centre of my own power. When I woke up, I was intrigued to find out if Tango really causes these feelings, so I went to my first workshop.
I instantly and totally fell in love with Tango, the music and the dance. My Tango journey had started.

I have always been fascinated by teaching, in the sense that it gives me an opportunity to create a space for people to make contact with themselves and with where they want to grow. Teaching Tango has intensified this by adding the dimensions of movement, of authentic intimate relationship and of community. For me, meeting Tango was like discovering the perfect treasure for my working life!
Tango is a strong form that has improvisation at its core. This poses a creative challenge - how can I teach a dance form without teaching set steps? Can I teach the way I want to dance? While teaching the form of Tango, the way I teach is a spontaneous composition, which makes every encounter fresh and totally for/with the people in front of me.

More recently, I have focussed on bringing in my knowledge as a trained musician, to teach the dancers to listen more closely to the music and give tools and structures to respond to the music.

Aside from regular lessons in Totnes, Exeter and Chagford, about five times a year I organise week-long events called Tango Mangos, a space where 160 people spend a week dancing tango and going through a journey with themselves - and often with their relationship to Tango too, if they come from another tango scene where the emphasis was maybe more on the outer shape of Tango.
I don't advertise my classes or events as being therapeutic, and I don't enter the realm of Therapy in this sense but I know that a lot of things shift in people when they come dancing, and I hold a compassionate space for that to happen.
I am always looking for cross-fertilisations from other disciplines to enrich the tango experience. Likewise, I think that Tango can deepen the experience of another discipline, such as Tai Chi, Pilates or Tantra for example.
Totnes has by now gained a reputation in the world of Tango. It has grown from one lonely, tango obsessed woman to a thriving community of dancers, provided for and taught by several teachers and organisers. And the dancers themselves have also created a club that offers regular dances twice a month.

When I started, our nearest Tango neighbours were in Bristol. Now, there is tango in Totnes, Exeter, Plymouth, Chagford, Taunton, Penzance, Barnstaple, Dorset, and more...
When I'm looking at the Tango scene here, I am proud and full of admiration for the community of dancers. Feelings not dissimilar to the ones I have when I see my own two children grow up, be independent and beautifully walk their own ways.

A new chapter has started in 2012. After a number of years of teaching and organising on my own, I have found someone to share the joys of my work. I feel that once more, I am at the start of another adventure, with Frank sharing the dance of life with me.
It's a story of transformation...."

Please enjoy the web site and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!!