Names, names, names…

Here are two weird name stories:

Slowly but surely I am changing from Ruth v. Zimmermann into Ruth Rozelaar. I like ‘Rozelaar’ – it is a dutch word for someone who grows Roses. So I have changed from being a carpenter to someone who grows roses. However, it’s not exactly going to be easier for English people; I think I will continue having to spell my name. One thing I am looking forward to is losing the ‘von’ in my name, as it has persistently caused havoc with official documents in England.

So, I’m at the bank, changing my name. Three days later the new cards arrive – in the name of Ruth von Rozelaar!

Start again….


After a teaching session in Bristol, we sit in the pub with our group of Tango students. In conversation, we tell them about our journey plans and show them photos of our motor home.

“Do you have a name for it yet?” asks one woman.

“No, we just tend to call it The Honeymoon Suite”

“Well, you should give it a name, like Henry, or Rosy or something”, she says.

Henry or Rosie! Henry is the name of my ex, and Rosy the name of Frank’s. How freaky is that? I think we will politely decline these suggestions and wait for a more apt name to turn up.

Our number plate has the letters E, K,N & O in it. Any suggestions for names?






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