Fiesta Time!!!


Careñas de Cabrales, 14/9/14
We chanced upon a fiesta in the Picos de Europa.
The first night, accompanied by insistent singing from traditionally clad women and girls, vying with the sound of a traditional Gaita Orquesta (bagpipes and drums), a huge lit representation of the patron saint was carried through the village and eventually exploded in a dramatic firework display on the main street.
The following day, we woke up to a stunning vista, plus a brace of 1920’s Alvises!
We went back to the village to witness another extraordinary procession of the womenfolk (from little dits to old maids!) with their tambourines, followed by the men carrying the effigy, this time the real one from the chapel (glad to say this one wasn’t exploded!) on a round trip through the village. The combined sounds of Gaita orquesta, rhythmically rung church bells and the tambourines made for a riotous cacophony….

Look at pictures here:


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