A Rainy Day in Cangas de Onis

What do we do when it rains?


It’s been a great day so far – cleaning and tidying the van, lighting the stove to make the van lovely warm and dry, sleeping, reading, playing games… and now catching up with the internet.

Heavy clouds have draped themselves across the tops of the mountains. It is a blessing for this area, as just over the next hill there’s been a forest fire raging for the last 48 hours.

Yesterday was market day in Cangas de Onis. The town was heaving with people. If we’d had our sound system yet, we probably would have tried to do some dancing on the street. instead, we danced to the accordeon of a bulgarian busker who played one tango after another. We kept picking up his basket and handing it around to the people, and I think he profited from our little performance.

On our way back to the van, we came across the Sunday afternoon dance in front of the old people’s centre. Right in the centre of town, there is a dance, every Sunday afternoon, with live music. Outside if the weather is fine, otherwise inside. We joined a bit, dancing some more Tango and a bit of everything else. Then it occurred to us to ask if they wanted to have a Tango Class. We spoke to the director of the organisation, and he’ll let us know tomorrow.

It’s fine to be on the move every day, but if you want to meet people, it helps to slow down a bit and give some time for contacts to build. Tomorrow, we’ll look at a permaculture project up in the hills, and we’ve also heard about a donkey sanctuary that hopefully we’ll be able to visit.

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