Fire at the Ravine!

One day when I’ve just snuggled into bed for a lunchtime nap, my eye catches sight of a huge column of black smoke not far away, in the direction of the ravine. Frank goes to explore and after half an hour comes back with the news: someone has dumped some more rubbish and then had the dumb idea to set fire to it! By the time Frank arrives, the fire is unattended and part burned down but one sees by the scorched oak tree next to it just how high the flames must have been. Frank removes a few things, such as some already burning tyres, and takes some photos. Luckily the arsonist chose the top end of the fly-tip. If he’d started a fire in the bottom, this would have been a terrible environmental disaster, as it is near on impossible to extinguish several hundred burning tyres.


We immediately ring the council. We get to speak to Scuderi who asks ‘who lit the fire?’ As if we knew! The lethargy in these matters is astounding, and the type of questions directed at us leaves us speechless! We don’t even know if they bothered to send the police or the fire brigade after our phone call.

The next day we go to the council to deliver the photos. Again, several people ask who lit the fire and tell us that they shouldn’t do this and that it is dangerous. You don’t say! We impress on them how lucky they were that ‘only’ the top end burnt down.

Again, nothing, NOTHING moves in the next days. This is a major disaster waiting to happen and nobody moves. Even if they don’t have the finance to clean up just yet, they could be putting up signs, they could put the location under surveillance, be it via cameras or police attendance. More tyres and horse cadavers arrive on a weekly basis. How bad does it need to get until they wake up?

We are starting to lose hope that anything will ever happen.

If you want to see more pictures, go to our flikr album, but be warned that there are some pretty disturbing images, especially if you are a horse lover!


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