The Fruit of the Mango

We had an amazing Tango Mango!

So many smiles, so many people, such a lovely line of dance!

Despite there being a LOT of people, to me it seemed one of the calmest, happiest Mangos ever…

We are very grateful for all the people who came, took part, brought their lovely energy and bestowed us with the money that will now enable us to celebrate our wedding and take off on our journey. This is a great gift to us, and we will take you all with us in our hearts and thoughts. Thank you!

Frank went back to Cardiff, to put the final touches on the house, which is now on the market for rent. If you know anyone interested in spending a year in Cardiff, please get in touch, so far the house is still available! Here is a link to see some photos. For those of you who know Frank’s house, be prepared to be surprised; it has been completely redecorated and emptied of clutter! You may not recognise it!!!

I’ve stayed behind in Totnes, tied up loose Mango ends, worked on the mobile home to  get it once more through the MOT (which is passed flying colours!), and said my good byes to Totnes and its lovely people.

Tomorrow, Yolanda and I are traveling up to Cardiff to join Frank, help him shift a few more cupboards and fridges, and to get things ready for the Wedding. I’m looking forward to it. I wonder how it will it be, with several distinct circles of people who hardly overlap (My family and friends from Germany, Frank’s family, Frank’s friends, my house community from England, and some of our Tango friends…). I hope that we will have good weather and a weekend of play in a  beautiful place. Frank and I are in love with Coed Hills, a very creative place, and we hope that our wedding guests will enter the spirit of creating a celebratory weekend all together.


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