Mozia and the Salinas

We leave Sciacca and the Carnival behind us in search of Quiet, hoping for beautiful views of sunsets and empty beaches during the next part of our trip. Someone recommended a visit to the salt marshes on the west coast, and in particular to Mozia, once a Phoenician settlement, now a museum island. We arrive some time late afternoon and share a little car park with another campervan right on a land spit where a wooden pier reaches a long way out into the still, shallow waters. We decide to have a quiet afternoon and a slow next morning there, watching the changes of the light on the water as the sun sets and rises, we breathe in the sweet-salty smell of the lagoon and chill, reading books and sharing good food. Our ‘neighbours’, a Belgian couple, are just about the least communicative people we’ve found on our journey so far, so it’s as if we have the bay to ourselves.

I enjoy a good Yoga session the next morning on the wooden pier, out on the water and facing the rising sun. We feel blessed.


Mozia is indeed special. A little ferry takes you across the shallow waters and drops you off to peruse the island at your leisure. We start by visiting the museum and then take a walk anticlockwise around the circumference of the island, stopping off in the lee of the wind for a picnic. I don’t normally get excited by old stones and their history, but there are indeed some beautiful exhibits in the museum and the walk around the island reveals many other special places, plus a large variety of plants, many of which are in flower now. It is also blissfully quiet, as there are no cars on the island and we seem to be the only people, apart from those who run the museum. This place, like many others in Sicily, must be heaving in Summer…

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