Txema y Monica

We can’t leave the town of Belmonte without calling on this lovely couple, who run an organic smallholding in Albariza and who we’d first met at the Fiesta de la Huerta the week before where they had a stall. Here we stock up on a fresh assortment of beautiful organic veg, picking most of it ‘fresh off the vine’. On our walk through their fields and polytunnel we learn that Txema is in fact responsible for the whole cultivation aspect – whilst his wife prepares medicinal tinctures, soaps and various other organic products. With regards to the vegetables, they operate a radical pricing structure: go into the field, pick what you like, come back and weigh the bag. Everything is 2.20 Euros per kilo, no matter what you have chosen – aubergines, leeks, courgettes, apples, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chard, you name it!

Txema tells us of his vision for the whole set-up: restoring the old farm house complete with Panera, creating an environment where others can come and get involved in an ever expanding eco-project. We mention the idea of WOOFing and he says they’re not yet ready for that, as they need to make their own ‘roots’ before inviting others to contribute/share in the project. Meanwhile, he is actively seeking knowledge of land- and animal husbandry traditional to the area… gone are the days when whole families and villages would care for every aspect of the land together: coppicing, wall building, maintenance of pathways etc.

There are still a few people left in the area maintaining older practices and he’s very keen to tap into their knowledge. At the same time he calls on the spiritual aspects via the Circulo ArcoIris, which he organizes with Charles from Casa Pascual. There is something very sacred and spiritual about the whole place.

You can contact them via Facebook under the name of Mawenya

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