It’s been a while since the last post – my computer is still broken down, the first attempts at reviving it have failed so far, now we are exploring the possibility of broken cables inside. hmmmm

Meanwhile we go between Faro and Olhao, checking the post offices for a parcel that should have arrived long ago, enjoying the sunshine and the heat ( yes, it’s like a british summer here!), making friends with a local restaurant where we get our water as well as some sumptious meals of freshly grilled fish. Frank has given quite a few massages in the last week and I’ve been doing a bit of Tango teaching too.

We have met some special people. Among them a travelling french-suisse family with four delightful daughters.

For someone who is not at all a patient person (thats me!) this waiting for computer repair, for parcels, for everything, is a great challenge. Today we are leaving Faro, and with it hopefully we will leave the Waiting Place, even if the parcel has not yet arrived and the computer is still in a coma.

Photos of dancing trees and delightful french children playing my bandoneon will follow soon.

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