Our ‘Home” in Faro

We almost grew roots in the car park by the fish restaurant behind the theatre in Faro. You are right by the mud flats and the salt basins, you see incredible birds there (the stork pictures were taken there), and stunning sunsets.


There is a constantly changing community of campers. One day, our neighbours were a Swiss-French family with four delightful girls. All the girls’ names begin with ‘A’ and they do everything in a group. They have three hours of schooling every morning, but in the break times, they are let out to play. Sunday is a day off. So one Sunday morning, the girls had picked a lovely bunch of flowers for us and we invited them in to see my bandoneon. Everyone had a go.

The weather is great, just like a hot summer’s day in the UK! One particularly sunny day, we put out the dance floor and I dance with and give a lesson to a lovely tangodancing fellow traveller from Belgium/Germany.

We befriend the people from the fish restaurant and exchange meals for massages, which lead to further clients. The longer we stay in one place, the busier Frank gets as the news about his magic hands travels…


Check out the pictures on flikr of the ‘bouquet’ of french-swiss girls, stunning sunsets and our friends from the fish restaurant!

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