When something goes wrong with Emma (our mobile home), and she is an old lady after all, we have to have the part removed in a garage. It then has to be taken to someone who can order an identical part from god knows where. Post in Spain is marginally better than in Portugal, in the sense that parts actually arrive, albeit still at a snail’s pace. All the while, Emma is inside the garage, because without the vital part we cannot move her. So we end up living inside the garage.

The people here have been amazing! It’s obviously contravening their insurance policy to let anyone live in the building, but they didn’t seem to worry too much about it, neither about handing us the keys to the whole place. We have access to the internet, a hot shower, mains electricity and we can re-fill our water tank when necessary: the only thing we can’t do, for obvious reasons, is light our wood-burner! We get fed a constant stream of pop-music from the 60ies-80ies in the day and we listen to the eerie crackling sounds of a large industrial building cooling down at night (the days have temperatures in the high 20ies, like a hot English summer’s day!). It’s very interesting watching the crew at work, an international bunch of three Argentines, a Pole and a German. All of them are really hard workers, but it’s never a stressful atmosphere. Today, we watched them lowering a whole new motor into a car.

In return for allowing us to stay here, we clean the floor every night.

The clutch arrived on a Friday evening, and the team kindly fitted it on Saturday morning. By lunchtime, we leave the garage, after having tested all four gears. We feel great to be finally on the move again, now we can pick up our travelling adventure! Or so we think….


We drive off to a town nearby, park, go shopping and return to Emma – only to discover that we can’t get her into reverse!!! With the help of a couple of strong men, we push Emma back onto the road and drive back to the garage. They were really happy to see us again ;-). Only a few minor adjustments are needed for the clutch, but while this is being done, we discover a slight leak in one of the more complicated radiator hosepipes! So more part removal, ordering, waiting and living in the garage. To top it all, Frank pulls a muscle in his back, rendering him unable to move for a few days.  Surely, this is all about learning to wait without waiting. Learning to use the time and to see the beauty in the situation as is. Today, we went for a little walk just behind the garage. There is an abundance of wild flowers, vegetables and fruit trees, and judging by the sudden increase of birds, bugs and butterflies, we are in an organic oasis. In the distance we can see the stunning backdrop of the Sierra. Go to flikr to see the photos!

We cannot express enough thanks to the guys at the garage here for putting up with us for yet more days. But the owner just brushes my thanks aside – “It is nothing. Today it’s you who needs help, tomorrow me. Don’t think about it”. I wish I could publicly recommend this garage, but as it was on the wrong side of the law to let us stay here, they prefer to remain anonymous.

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  • Vera Lees says:

    Dear Ruth and Frank,
    what a juggler of life you both are. I can totally empathise with your feelings and at the same time find you extraordinary in how you deal with adversity. May you soon be on the road and Frank’s back mended. The back is more important. Having done my first few hours in a garden today, I vouch for the importance of keeping a strong back. Blisters on hands will heal quickly.
    Warmest greetings to the sunny south. Vera x

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