Morella’s exhibition of the most beautiful villages in Spain did not mark any in Catalunia, but as if to contradict the exhibition, our first stop in Catalunia turns out to be by the most beautiful village we have seen so far in the whole Spain. Siurana lies high up on a rocky cliff, in fact so high that you cannot see if from below. Here’s a photo:


30 inhabitants live in houses built with great big stones the colour of the rock on which they stand. One of the cafés is perched precipitously on a ledge. The views are stunning – it must be climber’s paradise here! We spend a couple of nights parked up just above the village where we can feel an incredible energy flowing through the van, not unlike when we were parked up by the Buddhist centre in the Alpujarras. Only this one seems more expansive while the previous one felt like being in a river. We go for walks during the day –everything is steep up of down, climbing over rocks both ways.

Two further nights are spent by the lake just below Siurana, soaking up the sun and silence (we are almost totally alone there) and going swimming in the clear and cold lake.

In terms of landscape, Siurana was one of the highlights of our journey so far!

For photos, go to Flikr – there’s one of me sitting on a precipice… as part of my practice of doing something scary each day.

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