Once more, I get the feeling of struggling to fly, like a swan, flap-flapping the water with its wings and finally rising, lifting itself up an out. We’re on our way!!!

We visit a good friend in Portishead for a late lunch, and by 5pm we are on the road towards Dover. Emma is purring and we enjoy the dusk settling and a beautiful starry sky gradually appearing. When we get near Dover, we turn off the road to stop for the night just outside a little village called Leeds. We can’t quite believe we’ve done it – all the hard work of the last weeks still swirling around in our minds. Last year, it took us 6 weeks to find the traveller’s rhythm; let’s see how long it will take this time.

In Dover, we meet a British fellow traveller who talks about the recent developments re border controls in Europe, due to the large influx of refugees. We feel uncomfortably lucky that we, just by chance of birthplace, have passports that will allow us to cross all these borders that are impassable to those in need. It seems so arbitrary.

We will stop off in Calais, as we have a few things to deliver to one of the many organisations that help the refugees.



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  • Felicia says:

    Bon voyage to you both. I wish you safe and happy travels full of adventure, insight and growth.
    Thank you for a great Mango back in Aug!

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