Genealogy continued (by Frank)

Before leaving for the Tango workshop in Devon and the wedding at the Dru, I arranged to meet the archivist at Sesto’s main church on our return. We called in at the shoe shop, where the owner had told us he would try and find out if there was some sort of connection between our two families. Sadly, in the interim, there had been a death in his family and he was very apologetic about not having made any headway. Then, at the church, we were informed that there was a funeral and that the archivist wasn’t available – we didn’t find out whether the two events were linked – and we were told to come back in a couple of days, as we couldn’t wait another week for the archivist’s visit. The woman who answered the door tried her best in a room set aside for the purpose and took a number of ledgers from the numerous steel cabinets but was unable to shed any further light on the subject of my mother’s branch of the Bassetti family tree. How frustrating – she had five siblings and who knows we could have been passing relatives in the street without either of us knowing! All leads seemed to have dried up so we went to the library where we looked up the facebook page for the Sesto community that Michele, our architect friend, had recommended. There we might be able, at least, to post an appeal for information, together with a photo of me by my grandfather’s grave. Who knows what new info it might reveal – we can only wait and hope.


Looking for Relatives!

We are looking for living descendants of Giuseppe Roberto Bassetti, born 10.11.1881 in Sesto Calende.

His children were called Nita (*1911), Roberto (*1913), Luciano (*1913), Elvira (*1915), Carolina (*1918) and Angelo (*1923).

I am the son of Nita Bassetti and would love to find my family!

This is a photo of me beside the tomb of my grandfather (Giuseppe Roberto) and great-grandfather (Vinanzio), in the cemetery of Sesto Calende.

Please get in touch –

Thank you, Frank

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