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Martín Alvarado in Devon!!!


World class tango artist Martín Alvarado to perform in Devon in March

Friday March 29th
4pm: Tango Taster Class
5pm-8pm Dancing
8pm concert with Martín Alvarado & Mikko Helenius
Tickets: 12 on the door or 10 in advance from Frank & Ruth, or online www.musicglue.com/ltangopromotions

Argentina's finest and most significant tango vocalist, Martín Alvarado, will be performing in Devon for the first time as part of his 24th international tour.

His performance, at the Steiner School in Dartington near Totnes, on Good Friday, March 29th, is thanks to Tango Oblivion and will see the globe-trotting tango troubadour perform with an outstanding pianist and bandoneonista from Finland, Mikko Helenius.

The concert, at 8pm, is part of Alvarado's fourth UK tour during which he will also be singing in Cardiff (his Welsh debut), London, Liverpool, Harrogate, Hull, Essex, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland and coincides with his nomination in the Latin UK Awards.

Alvarado said: "I am so happy to be coming to Devon for the first time. I love having Mikko with me when I sing because he is a great musician and has written some beautiful new arrangements. We also have a lot of fun on stage together."

Helenius, with whom Martín is recording his next album, is a classically trained pianist from Helsinki and studied bandoneon from some of the instrument's Argentine maestros in Paris. The button accordion, which is central to the tango sound, is renowned for being an extremely difficult instrument to play. Helenius is thought to be unique in the world for having mastered the ability to play both the piano and bandoneon simultaneously.

The event will include a tango social dance, called a Milonga, from 5pm to 8pm and will kick off at 4pm with a free taster class for those who would like to give tango a go for the first time.

Ruth von Zimmermann, of Tango Oblivion, said: "Martín is a world class performer who is used to singing in major venues and we are really excited to be welcoming such a star of the tango world to perform here in Devon for the first time.The concert is open to the public and we hope people will take the chance to hear him sing. They also have a chance to learn some tango too."

Alvarado, from Buenos Aires, has won world-wide acclaim for his "extraordinarily beautiful" tenor voice, and already, his phenomenal artistry is such that he is increasingly recognised as one of the most significant vocalists in the history of tango. In Russia last year, he was described as "a new Carlos Gardel". His UK tour a year ago led to him being nominated for a Latin UK Award in which he is currently a finalist in the category "Concert by International Artist of the Year".

As well as being a naturally gifted singer, he is also renowned for his commanding and charismatic stage presence and his outstanding and carefully chosen repertoire from four albums, which features work by Argentina's most celebrated poets and composers, including rare work by the Godfather of tango nuevo Astor Piazzolla, as well as some of his own, as yet unrecorded, compositions.

As a live performer he is known for his powerful emotional connection with his audience which transcends the language barrier and leaves a lasting and moving impression. In Buenos Aires, where his music has daily airplay on tango radio stations, Alvarado engenders much national pride for the way, in 23 international tours over the past ten years, he has become something of a cultural ambassador for Argentina's rich musical heritage.

He discovered his talent for singing at the age of 19, by chance, while studying guitar in Buenos Aires. A few years later he travelled to Spain where he was spotted singing in Barcelona and was invited to perform in Finland, where tango is hugely popular. News of his talent quickly spread and within two months of arriving there, he was performing with the Tampere Philharmonia Orchestra.

Since then he has performed in many major venues and festivals, had numerous TV performances in Finland, Russia and Argentina and collaborated and performed with some of the leading musicians in the genre. These include the highly revered bandoneon player, Leopoldo Federico, who was a guest performer on his second album, "Asi es mi tango", Horacio Avilano, a prominent guitarist who worked with him on his last album "Más Allá" and renowned Finnish tango nuevo quintet Otra Vez with whom he recorded his third album "Tango Norte Tango Sur".

In 2008, Alvarado starred in the cutting-edge "El concierto del Nuevo Tango" with internationally-renowned conductor Patrick Gallois, Otra Vez and symphony orchestras and, separately, with Finland's celebrated UMO jazz orchestra. In 2009, he took part in Piazzolla's operita "María de Buenos Aires" in its first Polish version and several times in Finland. He starred in it again in July last year (2012) after being invited to perform, for the second time, at the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival, one of the most prestigious chamber music festivals in the world. He is currently working on his fifth album with Horacio Avilano and sixth album with Mikko Helenius.

Buy tickets online www.musicglue.com/ltangopromotions , or via Frank and Ruth.