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Ruth Rozelaar (England/Germany)

Ruth has spent most of her adult life living in Totnes, South West England, where she raised her two children. Following an ecstatic dream about dancing the Tango, she began to explore this sensuous dance from Argentina. She began learning from Biljana Lipic (London) and from Eric Jeurissen (Holland) amongst others, and danced obsessively in Holland, Germany, Spain and elsewhere. She decided to grow a Tango community in Totnes, a little town of 5000 inhabitants. For many years, she ran various regular classes in and around the area, organised workshops for visiting teachers, and hosted regular and special events such as Practicas, Milongas and Tango Mangos. In 2014, she married Frank , and together they have been on a honeymoon since - travelling through Europe, living in a camper van.
Teaching appointments abroad have taken Ruth to France, Croatia, Spain, Norway, Holland and Germany.
Having trained as a musician, Ruth will always bring special attention to dancing musically, and she is always exploring new ways of teaching this musicality in her classes.
Since 2018, Ruth has devoted 3 hours per day to studying the Bandoneon. She likes to play live for Milongas, with the focus being on danceable, A La Parrilla Music. For her musical activities, look at her other web site.

Ruth   A comment from a student:

Hallo Ruth!
I enjoyed our lesson very much, you are very precise and seem to have an endless number of ways to explain what you know so well inside your beingness. And the way you lead is simply heavenly magical, leading from true stillness! That's how you can read me so well and pass on what you see and feel, isn't it? And thats the bit I enjoyed most, having someone who can tell me what I do. I can't wait to get to the point when I have totally left my mind and am really present with the dance, when I can contribute more and don't think about the following at all. Then we will dance again . . .
Thank you for being my teacher!
C., Devon




There have been many other teachers who through Tango Oblivion have contributed to the teaching and to the growth of the Tango community in this area. Above all, my thanks go to Jean Paul Dal Din and Adele Levi for helping to get the ball rolling, to Biljana Lipic and David Lurie for visiting us once a month during the first year to give workshops, and to Fernando Guidi and Isolde Kanikani (both of whom have by now established their own teaching businesses in this area) for bringing their energy and enthusiasm to the second stage of growth. I am grateful for the times we shared.
Further thanks go to Eric Jeurissen from El Corte in Nijmegen, Netherlands, for being a constant source of inspiration with regards to teaching and creating a Tango community.

There are many teachers who came and taught as part of Tango Oblivion, often during the bigger events, without whom it would not be the same. Below an alphabetical (probably not complete) list...

Adam Hunt
Adele Levi
Alex Krebs
Annette Mahon
Attilla Ting
Augusto and Miguel
Ben and Katja
Bennie Bartels
Biljana Lipic
Chechu Garcia
Constantin Rueger
Daniela Feilke- Wolff
David Lurie
Eduardo Bozzo
Eric Jeurissen
Eric Lindgren
Eric Rainer-Vehrs and Brini
Fernando Guidi
Franc Duking
Gisela Navoni
Ines Moussavi
Isolde Kanikani
Jenna Rohrbacher
Joaquin Amenabar
Jordi (Tai Chi)
Julia Watts
Korey Ireland
Lindsey and Paul (Salsa)
Mabel Rivero
Maral and Mariano
Mark Reyes
Mariette Nieuwenhuis
Maya Kumar
Michael Lavocah
Mike Rose
Naomi West
Oliver Kruse
Oliver Wielinski
Oscar Acebras
Paras and Paul
Rebecca Smith
Sharna Fabiano
Shiobhan Doherty
Stephanie Goegelein
Steve Morrall
Susana Miller
Thomas Rasche
Ulrich Demmel
Unni Hermannsen

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