Wild Waste prevention methods

Now that we have the mayor’s promise that the ravine will be cleaned (still waiting to see it happen before really believing it though!), we start thinking one step ahead of the people who will arrive with their cars loaded with rubbish to find their favourite dumping spot transformed and CCTV cameras in operation… They will of course drive on and look for the nearest suitable spot to dump their stuff – which in this case would be the top end of Passopomo where there is a little hole in the fence and some people already have made use of it to dump a few bags, a buggy, several sacks of cement, some roller blinds, old plant pots etc. So one morning Frank and I go armed with a wheel-barrow and netting to fix the fence and remove the rubbish. We make acquaintance with the neighbour who watches us suspiciously to start with but eventually even introduces us to his wife and comes out to help a little. A couple of hours and the fence looks as good a s new and no more rubbish is to be seen. Next, we need to find some second hand Christs and Madonnas to spread around the place, maybe cement some on the bridge, because apparently people refrain from dumping in the presence of a holy audience. Rosy thinks it’s hilarious that we might scour the rubbish dump of the local cemetery for unwanted religious icons. We might even go to the local priest and see if we can’t get him to donate a figurine.

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