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We’ve been told in no uncertain terms that we should write a blog. With ideas and projects as crazy and inspirational as ours, we are simply not allowed to just keep them to ourselves, they say.

So here we are: May what we put down here infect you with our joy and tempt you to grab life by its horns and do something silly yourselves!


One of the first things Frank did when he came into my life (or shall i say ‘bounced’) was to hang this saying up on the kitchen cupboard:


Life is short.

Break the Rules

Forgive quickly

Kiss slowly

Love truly

Laugh uncontrollably

And NEVER regret anything that made you Smile


This blog is about our journey. But a journey doesn’t start with stepping into the vehicle, nor will it end with our return (yes, we WILL come back, we love our homes here in the UK). I’d also like to write about our journey of passion. A journey on the inside, between two people…

What is it that makes a relationship successful, juicy, loving and exciting?

I’ve never been so happy in my life as with my man now. But what is it exactly that is different from previous relationships?

One of the fundamental differences is the amount of positive comments we make towards each other.

Another is the amount of time we spend laughing.

Another is the time we spend in each others arms. Dancing, and then some.

And, biggest of all, is the amount of times we say yes – to each other and to ideas that crop up, of things to do, places to go, people to meet…it seems like there is no idea too crazy, no change too frightening, no commitment too scary to give it a go together…

Since being with Frank, my life has turned into a love song.