Poncebos – Bulnes – Poncebos


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We took Emma up into the mountains today! We went from Areña de Cabrales up to Poncebos where we left her by the side of the road and took the funicular up to a little village called Bulnes. Incredible, this village must have been very cut off before the opening of the funicular in 2001! No road leads to it, only mountain paths.

After a look at the mounains from a view-point above the village, we decided to walk back to Poncebos, down a steep valley. This was a beautiful walk, full of interesting views, many vultures (or are any of them eagles?), sunshine and a cold river to swim in. what should have taken 1hour and 15 minutes to walk took us about 3 hours, but we had a great time, stopping frequently to gawp at the fantastic views.

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