I feel so blessed to have work that I love so passionately.

Working at the TangoLab in Proitze…. giving 40 hours of private lessons and 10 hours of group classes in six days, and I feel full of energy. Waking up early, giving a lesson at 9am in a beautiful hall to the music I love so much, with the sun shining through the window and my student letting me share in their learning process.

Some of the lessons are abundant with laughter and experimentation, others are deep as a still lake as we go more and more into finer details of movement. Some are full of tears and grief, flowing out of every movement, every touch. Some students come with a work plan for their lessons, others want to just dance and see what happens. Everyone is there 100%, and I give a 100% of myself.

I love the alchemy of this. Everybody grows in the process, becomes a different person.


Coming home to Frank and our Emma in Andalucia, I see that Frank hasn’t been idle either: all walls and ceilings of the mobile home have been sanded down and treated with teak oil! For six months we have been meaning to do this, but it took my going away to get it done 😉

We also have two new beautiful wooden storage boxes doubling up as benches to sit in front of the fire,  and a drawer underneath the oven to house all our cooking utensils, which up to now lived in a jumble in a yellow bucket. Last but not least, the surface of our lovely G-Plan table which Frank got from the tip in Cardiff, has also been sanded down and oiled. Everything looks beautiful – what a lovely surprise to come back to!

Now all we need is the parts for the clutch to arrive, and then we’ll be able to drive out of the garage we are parked up in – like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon – and begin the second half of our honeymoon.

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