Two riddles

1) What do you think this is?




2) On our way to the beach we stop off by Toxosouto, a monastery near St. Xuan, and in the woods nearby we find this building (click the link for the video clip below). What do you think it was for? It is about 4mtrs in diameter, 3 mtrs high, no roof but may once have had one. The walls are solid outside but inside, floor to (non-existent) ceiling, it has holes in the wall, or shall we say many stone shelves. There is only one small entrance (don’t be fooled by perspective, the entrance is about 1.40 high).

Video clip

Any ideas, answers, please feel free to comment. you can either comment below, or you can click on the little crosses by the side of each paragraph and leave your comments there.


happy guessing!


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