I had another dream that seems too important to brush off upon waking. We were somewhere in a town on our travels. Frank and I had gone off on our own explorations. As I was crossing the market square, there was a group of old women getting out of a minibus, all dressed in some kind of ethnic clothing. I approached them to ask if there is a folk music or dance event on somewhere. When I came closer, I realized that they were really old and from some northern tribe, maybe Laplanders (Saami)? One of the women was able to communicate with me via broken English and showing me pictures of vast landscapes,  sunsets and sunrises. She said I needed to start meditating every Wednesday evening at 8pm; that this would be important for my own health, as well as for the well-being of womankind on earth. She said that on that particular day of the week and at that particular time, I would be linking into the wisdom of all women ancestors.

Well. Despite having lived in Totnes for over 20 years and shared communal houses with professional meditators, I have never got into it – my meditation has always been my music practice. Is this dream going to push me into it? Probably not.

But then I go online in an internet café, and the FIRST thing I open is someone’s new year recommendations, and the first recommendation is Meditate. Don’t waste time convincing yourself it’s not for you. Just do it. Ok, ok, I’m beaten. So, dear meditating women out there, I’ll meet you Wednesday 8pm in the Field Out beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing. :-)  (8pm Portuguese time is also 8pm in the UK)

This is how I imagine the field beyond right- and wrongdoing

This is how I imagine the field beyond right- and wrongdoing

It’s cold but sunny here (6 degrees). This morning we had a beautiful misty sunrise over the river in Lisbon. Yesterday, we made a trip into Lisbon’s forests to collect firewood, returning to a spectacular sunset over the plain. The nights are quite chilly but thanks to Terry Hackwith, our lovely stove Meme keeps us warm. We have linked in with a very friendly Tango scene and danced away New Year’s Eve with them. I’ve taught some private lessons and Frank has been giving massages to various people from the Tango scene as well as from the campervan place where we are parked up.

We have fallen in Love with Lisbon, but more of that in a later post.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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