Happy Valentine my lovely man

The sky here in Berlin is the same blue that we had in Malaga yesterday when you dropped me off at the airport, though its about 15 degrees colder.  I think of you opening the door to the beautiful vista of the hills just north of Malaga, taking in the scent of the almond blossom and the sound of the birds down in the valley.

Six months have passed since our wild and wonderful wedding ceremony in Coed Hills in Wales, and we are now half way through our year of driving through Europe. Having taken the ferry to Spain and traveled through northern Spain, we then went to Portugal and now we are in Malaga. We haven’t got very far one could say, as we have only driven 3000 km, but we’ve gone deep. We’ve seen places and met people in a way that has touched us to the centre.

Most of all, we have traveled deep with each other.

It’s been an intense 6 months, practically living in each others arms. But far from getting fed up with each other, every day seems a gift, every day, I feel blessed to have you in my life to share so many things with each other. Thank you for the laughter you bring to my life, and the sense of exploration. For the dances we share and the fantastic food you cook. Thank you for your support and closeness at times when I feel vulnerable or ill. For the care you put into everything you do and the warmth that radiates from everything you touch. You are the most wonderful man I could have wished for as my husband!


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