I’ve noticed recently that I seem to be fearful of more things than I used to be, and that by always listening to that fear, my world gradually shrinks. It is an imperceptible process, but from one year to the next I notice a difference, especially as I see young people do things that I used to do at their age but now find scary. I can get into a habit of remaining within my own comfort zone. It seems like one would constantly meet new challenges when travelling, but even so, it is possible to shrink away from anything that feels slightly daring, and to just cruise along and make do with what feels easy.

I decide to do something about that by finding one daring thing to do per day. Not stupidly dangerous, but out of my comfort zone. This can be anything from sitting on a wall, dangling your feet over a 20mtr drop, to asking someone a question that I otherwise wouldn’t have asked. Only I know what takes me out of my comfort into a challenge, and it may seem like nothing to someone else.

Frank had to ask me five times to look relaxed before he took this picture!


My comfort zone was fully challenged when he then proceeded to sit on the same wall. It was nothing to him, but I felt faint for the next half hour, I couldn’t even watch him do it. The mere idea of it was too much.

We both live to tell the tale.

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