We are reunited!


After a week and a bit going about our separate ways in Germany and Wales, we are very happy to be reunited. It was good to be abroad – I had a wonderful workshop weekend in Dresden, then a great week in Proitze, meeting so many lovely people and being able to treat myself to several healing massages from Saskia which did wonders for my poor stubbed toe. Frank went to Cardiff, and besides visiting his family and lots of other people he was able to sort out a tenant for his house. We’ve also had news from Yolanda that she has been accepted at the Technische Universität in Berlin! Two worries off our minds and hearts!

Emma was in fine fettle, having been looked after on a secure car park in the centre of Gijon.


This is a picture of Gijon taken from the hills above. We’ve settled back into the Parque Rinconin with a  beautiful view over the bay and a beach where we have midnight swims.
We can’t tear ourselves away, especially as the sea is wonderfully calm and the sun is shining. But we are also starting to wonder what is round the next corner of our adventure. Tomorrow we’ll go up to Oviedo where there are a few Tango people who would like private lessons, then either off to another national park, or back down to the sea.

In some ways it feels like the honeymoon is now starting in earnest.


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  • Trevor Knight says:

    Hi Frank,
    It was lovely to meet you we are sorry that we missed your young bride.We hope that you enjoyed the wine or that you have made plans to enjoy it.
    We are now back in the UK and we will be following your blog weekly wishing that we were still travelling, but, that will have to wait until next April.
    Enjoy living the dream.
    Susie and Jamie